Adventures in Git

After setting up a server and WordPress yesterday, I figured it made sense to start some sort of version control so I could test and deploy changes. So while the site looks the same, my relaunch technically only lasted a day — I redid everything so I could tinker with Git.

I’ve created plenty of WordPress sites before, but I’ve never used Git – I always just deployed code to a live server. And since I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’ve bricked a few and been unable to backtrack to safety.

So to fix that, I set up a local development server and a GitHub repository. That required:

  • Destroying yesterday’s server
  • Creating a new server through DigitalOcean
  • Set up a local server with a WordPress installation
  • Creating version control for my local server with SourceTree
  • Creating a GitHub repository and syncing that with SourceTree
  • Pulling from GitHub to my live server
  • Setting up RSA keys
  • Reconfiguring Apache to a new root directory

I want to learn how to code, but every time I try, I end up getting lost in all the systems administration work. It’s sort of fun, but I can’t imagine how difficult this used to be when it all had to be done in a command line.

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