New Year, New Site

I definitely like relaunching this site more than maintaining it. If you don’t know me personally, that’s probably all you need to know. 

For 2017, I’m trying to pare back all the social media profiles that exist out there for me. The last version of this site lived on Tumblr. And Tumblr has a nasty habit of getting hacked, so I’m back to rolling my own WordPress installation.

I briefly tried running this on Ghost, which always seems so appealing. Wordpress is so bloated, and logging in just makes me think of work. But Ghost’s theme ecosystem was pretty scant, and they’re barely updating the Ghost blog. WordPress, for all its flaws, still feels relatively future-proof.

I have so many abandoned themes lying around that I can’t convince myself its a good idea to get a new one for this. So I’m giving the WordPress default one a try for a while. Maybe I’ll customize it over time.

And maybe I’ll write this year. Maybe I’ll post more photos, and tell some stories about them. Maybe I’ll get into video, and this will become a rolling log of different experiments.

Or maybe this post will lay here, unread and alone, as a testament to a brief burst of interest before it’s flushed in the next redesign.

Who can say? Here’s to 2017.

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